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  1. OK so exactly WHEN did you go on Ritalin? Haha just joking! Great blog and I know someone who may be interested to read it.

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  2. Exactly WHEN did you go on Ritalin? Haha just joking! Congratulations on your blog Mishi. I know someone who might be interested to read this one.

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  3. Really enjoy your writing Mich. :)
    <3 this post too.

    Btw. Have tried to follow you but there must be a problem with mobile as it won't let me. Please send me a mail invite to follow you. ;)

    Thanks and hope you have a super Monday.
    Mine IS great.

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  4. Hi Di – there is a follow button on the top right hand side of the blog. Just click and join. Not sure how to email invite yet :)

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  5. What a great post! And really, so brave and wonderful to have you share with all of us. I know a couple of people who find ritalin a lifesaver – so glad it makes a fabulous difference in your life :)

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  6. W-O-W!! Well, there you go! I’m so happy that you have an answer and a solution!

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  7. This has come at a most appropriate time in my life and I truly thank you for sharing xx

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    • Greatest pleasure. People seem to hide behind the fear of stigmas. It makes no sense – sharing normalises things and opens up conversations. Feel free to call me anytime with any questions. I might even be able to focus long enough to answer them! ;p

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  8. Glad you got it sorted Mish. I had a similar problem & my doc also suggested I had ADHD. We found my serotonin levels really low & my anti-depressants sorted that out. I am a lot better but still feel like I have porridge brain almost every day. Then again I do have 2 kids! I also agee that people are so worried about the stigma but that is really old fashioned thinking. I’m all for recognizing there is a problem & taking action for my own sanity if not for anyone else’s!!! Thanks for sharing! I can imagine the relief! Please dont put yourself down though. We are human after all xxx

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  9. Great post, Michelle, it’s good you were able to follow through and get the help you needed. Love the blog. Hugs.

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    • Thanks Frances:) It’s made a world of difference. Thanks for visiting my blog! Please click the follow button on the right – I promise to keep you entertained!

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  10. I was diagnosed three years ago in my late 40\’s. It was a revelation. Unfortunately my initial experience with medication was not good. Panic attacks. I decided that my symptoms were not so severe that I couldn\’t just cope by other means, and so far it is working. At minimum, at least I can stop beating myself up about those things which I have no control over.

    You mention the passive and active modes of ADHD. Frankly I have never read that before (or perhaps I did and just forgot – ha!) – but that was a real epiphany for me! I had always heard that some were hyperactive, some were not. But describing it as hyperactivity of the brain vs the body just fits so perfect. I had to stop reading the blog and go tell my wife about it, and I am exercising great self-control just to avoid a whole lot of exclamation points in my comment. I really love the exclamation point…

    So any way, all that just to say thanks for posting this! Oh rats, one slipped out…

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    • Glenn, I am so thrilled! You have made my day :) (see an acclamation mark AND a smiley – clearly, the Ritalin has worn off….)

      Feel free to contact me to discuss anything ADHD related – I feel like I have been relieved of such a heavy burden and it would make me so happy to know that I am able to help someone else feel this way.

      Have a gorgeous week.

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      • Well rats. I had a reply half-way typed out, then clicked on something I shouldn’t have and WordPress doesn’t save the cache so it’s all gone. *sigh*

        Maybe this time I’ll try to give you the short version.

        You may be amused (or not) as to how I ended up on your site this morning (it’s 11:30am in Texas). It goes something like this…

        First, I was reading – he mentioned someone named Peter Shankman who is a successful entrepreneur and who credits his ADD with part of his success. A much different story than my own, I might add. So this got me to thinking about a recent evening with friends. I shared my diagnosis and the immediate response was to ask why I wanted to label myself? They also dismissed the significance of any symptom. I think they meant well, but it can be disheartening, or just annoying. So I went to to comment on this and somehow, somewhere (although it does not seem to exist in my browser history) I ran across a link to this post.

        Yep, that was the short version. You’re wecome :)

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  11. mylifeaslucille

    I am speechless. I only wish I had found out sooner. I’ve suffered years of unnecessary struggles. Your post made me cry. You shared this so beautifully. My meds aren’t working well. At all. Thank you for the hope.

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    • We need to talk. I’ve been through four different meds until how Ive finally found one that fits. The difference is crazy. There IS light at the end of this tunnel (now where did we hide that switch???)

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      • mylifeaslucille

        I would love to talk. I’m feeling pretty discouraged lately. Having answers and finding some relief are two different subjects. :-(

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  12. Hi

    Great blog. I came across your blogsite by accident and was reading through your old posts when I came across this one. The things you say about pre-medication decribe me excatly and after I type this I am going to look into it further (it had been suggested to me before but as another replier said I thought it was 1 only kids and 2 made you bounce off the walls

    Thanks so much for this post

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