This is what makes it worth it.

Baby G: Mum, wake up!
Me: (incoherent grumbling)
Baby G: pleeeeease!
Me: grumble grumble….sun is still sleeping….grumble grumble.
Baby G: C’mon mummy! Lets snuggle and wake up the sun togevuh!

Best invitation ever. We snuggled, drank OJ and with one squinty eye open, I watched the sun ‘wake up’ with my little princess’ hand wrapped tightly around my index finger.

Being woken when it’s still dark. Not so cool. Being told how much you are loved at 5:15am…delicious. 

Click here for the cutest little I love you.


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About Michelle Lewsen

Motherhood is a privilege but sometimes, when we're covered in vegemite/vomit/poo, it's hard to remember just how lucky we mums are. In another life I was an award-winning Copywriter with something to talk about other than the fact that Jason Mraz was on Sesame Street. I moonlighted as a Personal Trainer and Aerobics Instructor just for fun (because I was bored, what with all that annoying free time...) In this life, I'm mum to three entertaining yet exhausting, delightful yet demanding, inspiring yet soul-sucking people I've ever met. I love them intensely and will go Mama Bear on anyone who dares try hurt them. Even on the days they seem bent on my destruction. I am also the lucky winner of Cupid's lottery and somehow landed an incredible husband. The poor guy suffers through my adult ADHD with an admirable generosity of spirit and a wicked sense of humour. I think I'll keep him. This blog captures my life. Sometimes warm & fuzzy, sometimes shriek-out-loud funny. In my spare time (between 1am and 6am) I've been writing a series of children's books. Soon, I'll be publishing them and your kids are going to adore them, so watch this space. WARNING: I'm an oversharer. Working on it. (Not really)

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  1. Ummm… THAT IS ADORABLE. I just wrapped up a nice, long snuggle session with my littlest and you know what – It’s always the best part of my day. Thanks for this reminder of the best part of being a mom. By the way – my kids are the exact same ages as yours! Can’t wait to read more of your family’s adventures!

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    • Thanks Lydia. Doesn’t your heart break just a little bit with each day the baby grows up? Gracie is my last (trust me.) baby…I’m keeping her little for as long as possible.

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