Why the happy face?

This post was featured in Bonbon Break Magazine.

This post was featured in Bonbon Break Magazine.

Today, someone said to me , “You’re always smiling, always so happy.” She went on to imply that if only she had a life as perfect as mine, she would also be happy all the time. It got me thinking. I really don’t think I have more reasons than the next person to be smiling and happy. Know why? We are all in this life. We all have blessings and we all have terrible burdens. In fact, if I had to list my burdens, it would be a long and fairly horrible list by most people’s standards. I won’t bore you with a laundry list, but suffice to say it’s not all rainbows and fairy sprinkles 24/7. Know what? My blessings are small and mundane in comparison. In fact, they are just like yours – family, a home, love. Nothing flash, certainly nothing newsworthy, the kind of things that go mostly unacknowledged by most people. But these banal, everyday things are enormous and indispensable if we really look at them and see them for what they are. Life isn’t easy and if you think someone else’s is, you’re not looking closely enough. There have been days when waking up and facing the burdens has seemed almost impossible for me. When hiding under the covers in the dark is all I really wanted to do. That’s not an option – not for me. I only have one life  and I have made a conscious choice to face the monsters head-on and choose to rather focus my energy on gratitude for my blessings. Then, whether I feel like it or not, I dig deep and muster up a smile. Of course, it’s easier to collapse in a heap, and often tempting, but what good is that? Yes, life can be tough and yes, I DO smile through it all. I smile because despite the hurdles, I have more than enough to smile about. But don’t think for a minute that you don’t have just as much to smile about. You do. We all do. If you stop, acknowledge your burdens and then begin to count your blessings, you’ll realise just how lucky you are. You’ll also come to an awareness that we are all doing life together. And next time someone smiles brightly at you, you’ll stop to think that maybe, just maybe, that smiling person  is having a hard day. And you’ll smile back. What makes your life smile-worthy? Please share! I can’t think of a better way to start the week.
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Motherhood is a privilege but sometimes, when we're covered in vegemite/vomit/poo, it's hard to remember just how lucky we mums are. In another life I was an award-winning Copywriter with something to talk about other than the fact that Jason Mraz was on Sesame Street. I moonlighted as a Personal Trainer and Aerobics Instructor just for fun (because I was bored, what with all that annoying free time...) In this life, I'm mum to three entertaining yet exhausting, delightful yet demanding, inspiring yet soul-sucking people I've ever met. I love them intensely and will go Mama Bear on anyone who dares try hurt them. Even on the days they seem bent on my destruction. I am also the lucky winner of Cupid's lottery and somehow landed an incredible husband. The poor guy suffers through my adult ADHD with an admirable generosity of spirit and a wicked sense of humour. I think I'll keep him. This blog captures my life. Sometimes warm & fuzzy, sometimes shriek-out-loud funny. In my spare time (between 1am and 6am) I've been writing a series of children's books. Soon, I'll be publishing them and your kids are going to adore them, so watch this space. WARNING: I'm an oversharer. Working on it. (Not really)

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  1. I really enjoyed your perspective; time passes, children grow and we often spend time worrying about stuff that … doesn’t matter. My Mum taught us to apply the “6 month rule” – will you remember – or care – in 6 mos? If not .. let it go.

    Beautiful photo as well,

  2. As your mom, I have learned so much from you. One of the biggest lessons was to not carry my burdens around with me – you liked that to carrying around a sack of poo.. and my imagination went nuts and I was convinced! As your mom, I kinda know when you have your ‘brave’ smile on. mainly because you may not know it but you squirt tears like a water pistol at the same time as that gorgeous smile happens. I love the way you carry yourself. You are a Boadecea of a woman (spelling??) and I am mad about you.

  3. This seems really nit-picky but I can’t help it…

    Just FYI, the song you quoted was originally recorded by Nat King Cole (1954), and the music was originally written in 1936 by Charlie Chaplin. Michael’s version was one of dozens and dozens of cover versions, and I can’t think of MJ’s version without feeling quite melancholy. Any way, I found the history of the song very interesting. Check out the version from the silent film Modern Times by Charlie Chaplin; it’s on YouTube.


    • Happy to be corrected! Not nit-picky at all and tomorrow I will amend it (im already in bed…) Thanks for the correction, Glenn. Very much appreciated.

    • Oh this is submitted with the same intent you submitted your comment…

      The song was written by John Turner and Geoffrey Parsons, but Chaplin composed the music it for the movie “Modern Times” in ’36. Interestingly enough, John and Geoffrey also wrote the lyrics for another song Chaplin had composed the music for called “Eternally”. That song was used in the Chaplin movie by the name of “Limelight”(boy the history of this film, there’s some reading for ya!)

      I don’t know why the gem “Smile” sat for so very long before Nat recorded it.

  4. You DO have a beautiful smile that lifts the spirits of everyone you meet :)

    I was indulging in some self-pity the other day about my injured wrist. Then I watched “Race to London” (8.00pm, Tuesday, ABC1) featuring a teenage para-Olympic swimmer born with no hands or lower legs but a gorgeous smile. I had been complaining about the pain in my wrist & not being about to spread butter or clean my teeth properly with my left hand – he was getting on with the job with no hands. Perspective.

  5. Violetsouffle

    Love this! It is all about the little things. Bought myself a pack of rainbow sharpies on Saturday and haven’t stopped grinning since. Or leaving colorful notes…lol

    • you are my kinda girl, Violetsouffle. I am also a stationary fetishist. I can’t walk past a Smiggle shop without breaking out into a sweat…

      Thanks for the comment! Please follow me either here or on Facebook :)

  6. I LOVE your perspective! What a great post. I smile a lot and many moms have said to me, “Man, you are always in such a good mood! How?!” And I laugh. Because I’m not always in a good mood – but smiling helps me get there. :-)

  7. I love this post. It seems to me that smiling shows we are hopeful….and there’s always something to be hopeful about. I wanted to let you now that I’ve given you the Illuminating bloggers Award. You can pick it up on my blog, write 7 things about yourself, and pass the award on to a few other blogs.

  8. I needed to read this today- thank you for the reminder! :)

  9. The cool thing to me is that you must exude feelings of happiness- that’s why people notice it. Facing the monsters head on- my favorite part. That’s where we grow!

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