My son collects trash.

(He calls it treasure)

My son collects junk. If I didn’t go through his pockets before I did the laundry, I’d have a broken washing machine every week. If I dare throw away any of this junk, I’m in trouble. Why? Because it’s not junk. He is seven years old, and it’s his treasure.
Today, I decided to clean out his bedroom while he was out. It looks like something from an episode of Hoarders and I couldn’t stand it for one more day. I spent over an hour in there and I left with a surprisingly empty rubbish bag and a heart full of love. Instead of trashing his junk, I photographed it.  Now his treasures will always remain my treasured memories of a little boy who sees beauty is little things. 
I present to you my son’s treasures.

He made all of these things and they have pride of place. I love that he is proud of the things he can create.

He has made these boats with his Daddy on various weekends and school holidays. They are made from plastic, fabric, polystyrene and memories.

Under the desk. This box contains all that is precious in his world. You see junk. He sees treasure beyond measure.

Little Man goes to sleep cuddling all of these every night. Each one contains treasured memories.

Do your kids collect junk? Do they sleep with strange things? Please share!

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  1. says

    So sweet. I am actually much more sentimental than my kids. Even if they say it’s ok to ditch, I hesitate and photograph it first. Now even when do toss that stuff (if you ever do) there will be a catalogue of his memories. Priceless!

    • says

      I just couldn’t bring myself to throw any of it away. To him, it’s special, so who am I to say it’s junk? I wish we didn’t ever outgrow the ability to see bits of string and electrical parts as opportunities and treasures.
      PS – psyching up to send you bikini pics *lol* Have shared your “Am I fat?” post on my Facebook page – it’s a great message.

  2. Linda says

    my son is into sticks & stones :) if the garden people throw away his branch pieces lying around, it’s like a funeral. My car is forever full of stones which he think is unique. I do, however, clean up a bit every now and then. He is almost 12, so he understands better now. They are precious children, which, in return for all the fighting and frustration, love endlessly and unconditionally :)

    • says

      And one day, when they are grown up and moved out and our houses are perfectly clean and free of strings and lego and sticks and stones, we’ll be sad. So, today I’ll cherish the ‘trash’. (Tomorrow, I may lose my schmidt again and start chucking – haha)

  3. Naomi says

    My almost 7 yr old collects anything and everything. Just yesterday he pinned up a Mr happy ziplock bag with gravel in it to the message board and I’m telling myself it’s ok the board’s on an angle, because one day I WILL miss him coming home with treasures, and leaving his mark everywhere… I bought him the BEST backpack for Prep last year; week three into the year and he comes home with one strap busted off – turns out the rocks from the garden WERE too heavy when he tried to swing it over his shoulder… His bedside table is filled – chokkas! – with everything from the smallest pencil that can’t take anymore sharpening, eclair wrappers from Grandma’s house, and three-wheeled matchbox cars, just to name a few things… Every now and then he’ll go through and sort it, sometimes making something or ‘doing’ something with whatever takes his fancy, and only occasionally have I found something I’d previously seen in the drawer, in the bin… Bless him!

  4. says

    Reading your posts reminded how my son relates to it as well. He just doesn’t want let go of any of his toys especially the wooden toys. He is a fan of motor vehicles and he breaks the wheels as soon as he gets his hands on the toy. But he will treasure them for years even without the wheels. I make sure to slip it in the garbage but if he sees……I’m doomed!


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