Baby G is turning 4 on Monday and having a Fairy Princess High Tea tomorrow for 8 little like-minded friends. It should be an explosion of pink and I will take photos which will be adorable and delicious and cute. I will share on Monday and we will all ooh and aah and maybe shed a tear or two. Tonight is another story. Tonight, I made her birthday cake. I need to add here, that I make legendary cakes. It’s one of the parts of being a mother that I really do well. I bask in the warm glow of the compliments on my cake icing skills three times a year and might I say, I deserve the props. I can paint, just so you know. I have street cred in this department. I may even post previous cake pics as proof (if I can dig them up). So when, this year, Baby G requested a Fairy-Princess-Ballerina Cake, I didn’t bat an eyelash. Easy. I mean, how hard is it to paint a Fairy-Princess-Ballerina in icing? Let me tell you. H.A.R.D. Ladies and Gents, for your vicarious entrainment and laughter at my expense, I present to you the delightful cake I made for my four year old daughter:

She asked for a ballerina-princess-fairy cake. HEY, AT LEAST I TRIED. Introducing Satanic Ballerina on Crack. Can anyone say “Scary as hell”?

She had to go. Even I was beginning to have pre-emptive nightmares. *shudder*

A clean canvas. Dare I attempt the ballerina-fairy-princess again? Hmmmm…

If she asks…the fairy-princess-ballerina is hiding behind the rainbow.

Please, please, pretty please share your cake fails with me. Puh-leeease. I’ll make a gallery of them and we can all laugh and feel better about ourselves.   
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