The best love letter I’ve ever received

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My kids love to laugh. They will go to extraordinary lengths to find things to laugh about and to get a laugh out of hubby and I. So, when I hear giggling behind closed doors, I know they’re up to something.

Yesterday, while driving between one after school activity and another, Little Man asked for some paper and a pen. I obliged, pleased that he wanted to write something. Its been a bumpy start with him, being way more interested in Lego and Star Wars battles than reading and writing, so this new-found interest in pens and paper is a dream come true for me.

As I drove, he wrote. And giggled. And giggled. I asked what he was doing and he said, “Nothing!” followed by an explosion of giggles. Hmmmm. Intriguing.

When we got home, he was out of the car like Usain Bolt and at my door, flashing his cheeky, gap-toothed grin and holding out a folded pile of papers. “What’s this?”, I asked, innocently? “Its a love letter for you, Mummy…”, he replied, hardly containing the hysterical laughter I could see bubbling below the surface.

I unfolded the package and started to read:

Page one of the best love letter from a child
“Dear Mum, I want you to turn the page”

At this point he is bright red, and ready to explode with laughter. His anticipation is palpable and giggles are escaping…

“You are weird and silly and dumb!!!! PS (his name)”

As I read this aloud, he started to screech – in disbelief that he has called me these things. Tears are squirting out of his eyes.

The best love letter from a child
“This is you ->you are a nincompoop that’s…”

Now he is clutching his crotch, howling with laughter and jumping up and down.

Love letter to Mummy
“dumb and stupid and cuckoo. (apparently this is poo)”

At this point, I am fearing for his life. He is so completely hysterical with laughter that he seems to have stopped breathing altogether. Silence, then howls of laughter and knee slapping and that endearing jog-on-the-spot he does when he is happier than happy.

We laughed until our bellies hurt. And then we laughed more.

This is what being a mother is all about. These moments are the highlight of my day. Being able to witness the innocent joy of my Little Man saying rude words for the first time and reveling in the controversy of it all. Knowing that he sees me as someone he can prank – in his delicious 7 year old way – means that for all the failures, I’m a good mother and he feels safe with me.

He has learned to look for laughter from his dad, who lives to make the kids laugh. He’s also learned form his big sister, Miss M. At the tender age of 9, she has mastered the art of dry humor and has impeccable comic timing. This morning, Miss M and I were play wrestling (What? She wouldn’t wake up…) and I had her pinned. I was about to dive in for the tickle when she shouted, “STOP!” in a strong voice. I stopped, thinking maybe I was hurting her, when she continued, in an ominous tone and with a twinkle in her eye, “I am warning you to stop – remember, I came third in backstroke once!” Peals of laughter all round.

Today, I’m basking in the joy, love and innocence of my children. I’m loving their constant quest for laughter. Today, I’m winning.

Please share the funny things your kids say and do. I can’t wait to read your comments.

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  1. Michelle watt says

    Haha. My little girl is almost 2. She’s talking quite well now and is ever so curious about the world and everything that I do… We have been encouraging her to use the toilet recently.. (she likes to pretend she’s a big girl) and claps and cheers for herself. At my inlaws I had to use the bathroom. She waited outside. When I came out she clapped and cheered for me and proceeded to tell everyone “mummy wee!! Yay mummy!” I guess nothing is sacred with a 2 year old!

  2. says

    Love it! My boys spend their off hours glaring at me, like “I didn’t want rice and eggplant for dinner. You suck, mommy.” Still, one day, maybe I’ll get a love letter. Dare to dream, no?

  3. says

    Aww I love this! So excited to share. So my 3 y.o son has been obsessed with looking up images of bday cakes on the Internet even though his bday isn’t until Dec. The other days, he wakes my husband up at 6 a.m. and says “Dad, I want a Batman cake, with loads of candles and you can even have some”. My husband replies, half asleep “Where do you get this stuff from?! It’s only 6 a.m!” To which my son replies – “Walmart”.

  4. says

    When I was growing up, my dad never had much sympathy with little injuries like skinned knees or bumps and bruises. He used to say ‘rub it up!’ no matter what was wrong, and we thought it was funny, especially when my mum was the opposite – she was always worried and gushy over every little scrape.

    So when my daughter started walking and falling over or crying over a little spill, I’d say ‘rub it up!’ and we would laugh.

    Then one day, I tripped and hurt my hand quite badly. I came with sad eyes and told my daughter – ‘mummy’s hurt’.

    She put her hands on her hips, stared me in the eyes, and said, ‘rub it up, mummy, rub it up.’

  5. says

    Mommy Meechie–U R TRULY A TEAR JERKING INSPIRATION TO ME as a parent person n family girl … From the bottom of my endless tears of LAUGHTER–thank You… HERES MY Story:
    My 3yr old n i playing with water n bucket at splashpad 2gether–i ALWAYS INTERACT with MY children (& OTHERS FLOCK 2 US, that bugs 3 yr old..another story..) i am NOT “THAT MOM” that sits on the sidelines reading books or chatting the latest wit friends… (however i am jealous of women wit such easy kids n lives; i just dont have thise luxuriesLOL) .. ANYWAYS, soo were playing “MAKING SOUP”…
    FAITH(3yr name): “makin pa-ghtetti sayce..lalala” u know wit a sort of playful song in her voice..
    MOM/ME: “WHAT Kind of Sauce r we making hunny? PA-ghetti Sauce? Mmmm” in encouragement n curiosity ..
    FAITH: “NO MOMMIE! NOT PA-gheetti;
    ME: ROFL LMAO she was sooo Proud to make me laugh n say a ‘bad word’!! BUT WE JUST LAUGHED!!!!
    Weve “EATEN” MUCH INTERESTINGLY named food since .. N its as DELICIOUS as her HUMOR n PERSONALITY !!!
    Thanks Mich xox

    • says

      Faith sounds absolutely delightful! And you sound like a fantastic mum – she is a very lucky little girl to have a hands-on mama like you. Thanks so much for sharing!

  6. Gill Katz says

    I am giggling here at the fun, but also with pride at how well he is writing..his pencil control is excellent !

    Sent from my iPad


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