Ten things the presidential candidates could learn from my child’s preschool teacher.

I’ve been observing the run for the American presidency with abject fascination.


It’s been quite a show, I must say – even from the opposite end of the world over here. Listening to the talking heads, watching the debates, seeing the sheer spectacle of it all has left me scratching my head and wondering about the way Mr Romney and President Obama (and the three-dimensional media circus that follows them) have been conducting themselves. 


You see, if any of our children behaved the way they have been behaving, they would find themselves in the naughty corner contemplating their Ps and Qs for a very long time.


We teach our children from the time they are little to share, play nice, work together, be respectful. We teach them please and thank-you. We tell them to respect diversity of opinion. And then we put two leaders in front of them who promptly throw these rules out of the window.

So, Mr Romney & President Obama, here’s a reminder of what you were taught in preschool:


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    I just said the same thing to my classroom full of fifth graders! Honestly, its a horror show! I refuse to vote for either of them; I am voting for the Green Party!


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