Halloween costume stress and a GIVEAWAY!


I grew up in a country where we didn’t celebrate Halloween. There were no decorated houses, no dress-ups and gasp no trick or treating. I enjoyed Halloween vicariously through American sitcoms on TV. I could taste the candy…almost. Fast forward thirty odd years and skip a continent and here I am – not in America – but in Australia and who knew, but Aussies celebrate Halloween! Yeah, baybee! The first couple of years were easy – a Miss M was a witch (read: old black t-shirt of mine, with edges cut in zig-zags and a pointy hat), Little Man was a tiger and Baby G wanted to be a bunny – easy! A onesie with a pompom sewn on the bum, some bunny ears (left over from the #2 shop at Easter time) and some face-paint. I can face-paint like a champ, so we were all happy.

Daddy and Baby G. This melts my heart.

This year, Miss M asked if we could look in the shops for costumes. There are 2 options – really hot (temperature-wise) Superhero costumes and really hot (as in sexy) other costumes. What gives? Apparently, from what I see on sale online and at the shops, my little girl can go as a) a sexy pirate (hollywoodheartbreaker.com), b) a sexy cat or c) sexy Alice in Wonderland. Fabulous.

So, here’s my question for you. Are Halloween costumes for kids getting too sexy, or am I a prude?

Here’s the fun part! I will be giving away this adorable baby pea-in-a-pod costume, by AussieBuby.com! They have a range of amazing, beautifully-made costumes on their website, so please check them out. 

Baby Peas Pod Onesie Romper Costume Outfit Sleeping Bag

Baby Peas Pod Onesie Romper Costume by aussieBuby.com

 To win this awesome costume for your baby, all you need to do is refer a friend to join They Call Me Mummy on Facebook and comment here. Best comment wins. The more friends you refer, the bigger chance you have of winning (and, of course, I’ll love you more than marshmallows). Share this page with your friends, your mothers’ groups…even random mamas at the park.

Good luck!

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  1. Carolyn says

    The baby giraffe at Greenville Zoo, N.C. was just born about 1/2 hr. ago :) Mother and child are getting acquainted, Baby G is trying desperately to stand up. It doesn’t get any better than this, my daughter and I were able to watch the entire delivery together!

  2. says

    My kids grew up in a country where we didn’t celebrate Halloween as well…Australia.

    They are almost 20 and 17 years old respectively and it wasn’t because their mummy was a grump who couldn’t be bothered buying or making costumes for a ‘celebration’ that had absolutely no cultural relevance to our part of the world. Nor was it because she couldn’t think of anything worse than trailing around the streets guarding her kids while they knocked on doors and begged for sweets (although both statements are true). It was because nobody bothered with Halloween! This trick-or-treating is a quite recent phenomenon and I don’t like it!

    I AM a grump who can’t be bothered stocking the cupboard with lollies that I would never normally buy – that’s if I even remember it’s Halloween at all!

    Last year the little lad across the road rang the doorbell with his dad. He was wearing a tea towel covering his face (the boy not his dad) and informed me he was a ghost. The only ‘treats’ I had to offer were nuts or an energy gel from my bike bag, so I asked him what trick he would play on me. A gargling issued from beneath the tea towel and nothing happened. I looked askance at Dad who interpreted: “He’s made his arm invisible”. Confused, I realised that one upper limb had disappeared inside his white T-shirt. More gargling. “He’s made it come back”. At this point, I nearly died laughing and wished I did have a lolly on hand. But then I wouldn’t have got to experience the trick…

    Luckily not everyone is a Halloween grump – or am I just an old witch? The year before my daughter and her friends decided off their own bat (pardon the pun) to get dressed up as wicked fairies (home-made get-up by the teens themselves which made those costumes above look like nuns’ habits). They came home with bags full of bounty and most of it came from elderly people who were looking forward to the knock on the door. One old gent was looking after his sick wife who was too frail to get to the door so all of them trooped inside and gave her a fashion parade. She usually bought the treats but he made sure he did it that year. Now I’m getting all teary…

  3. Danielle Billington-Tapp says

    Im from a town that doesnt realy celebrate it. but i love any chance to dress up and dress my girls up! So even if we cant find a dress-up party to go to, im willing to dress us all up as Zombie and just walk around the streets :)

  4. dinkyinky says

    That bunny picture is adorable! Around here, The costumes are all one piece(for the boys and little kids), and flimsy. I live in the US in an area that gets really cold most of the time on Halloween. My son has a beautiful imagination, and that translates into me going shopping for notions, and using my sewing machine or hand needles. I’ve made many layered outfits like Captain Jack Sparrow(designed from modifying baby patterns and looking at Johnny Depp in Garb). He also uses them for years as play garb. This year, he decided to be the World’s Greatest Consulting Detective. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v633/DinkyInky/Halloween%202012/DSC04999-1.jpg
    While my hands and wrists hate me, my son beamed enough to make it sunny on a cloudy rainy day. Making memories is all about what this job is about, ne?

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