About the Mummy

Motherhood is a privilege but sometimes, when we’re covered in vegemite/vomit/poo, it’s hard to remember just how lucky we mums are.

In another life I was an award-winning Copywriter with something to talk about other than the fact that Jason Mraz was on Sesame Street. I moonlighted as a Personal Trainer and Aerobics Instructor just for fun (because I was bored, what with all that annoying free time…)

In this life, I’m mum to three entertaining yet exhausting, delightful yet demanding, inspiring yet soul-sucking people I’ve ever met. I love them intensely and will go Mama Bear on anyone who dares try hurt them. Even on the days they seem bent on my destruction. I am also the lucky winner of Cupid’s lottery and somehow landed an incredible husband. The poor guy suffers through my adult ADHD with an admirable generosity of spirit and a wicked sense of humour. I think I’ll keep him.

This blog captures my life. Sometimes warm & fuzzy, sometimes shriek-out-loud funny. In my spare time (between 1am and 6am) I’ve been writing a series of children’s books. Soon, I’ll be publishing them and your kids are going to adore them, so watch this space.

WARNING: I’m an oversharer. Working on it. (Not really)

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  1. Hi MIchelle, thanks for liking “What Kind Of A Man Has Eight Kids” and following my blog. From your About page, you sound like a great mom………not perfect, but perfect for your kids. I read your ADHD post. I’m glad you got the answers you were looking for. Too many adults struggle because they were never diagnosed. Looking forward to more from you.

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  2. Haha! I won’t tell your kids if you don’t tell mine!

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  3. Hi Michelle! I landed here from Mamapedia. I have written blogs for them as well. I liked your last post and it would seem that we have a few things in common. Funny thing, I used to have this exact same theme for my blog! You have good taste!

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  4. Excellent. I’ve signed up to get notices of new posts.

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  5. Wow, you have a lot of insight for a youngin’ – and you seem like an awesome mom based on that post your wrote about your precious son who washed your dishes. I can see where he gets some of his insight.
    I’ll definitely be reading more of your writing.
    In Sisterhood

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  6. I was very inspired by your respect post last week. I wanted to reference it in a post of mine about getting my ish together this year and getting my kids back on track. Just wanted to ask permission. :)

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  7. Hi Michelle, we read your post “No ME In Mummy” through Mamapedia. We absolutely love your honesty and realness (just like your About Page). I posted that we want to mail you our book “Mommy Time-Out Means Mommy Can..” free of charge. When we see or hear of a mom at wits end, we want to reach out, so this is us reaching out. Please email me the best address to ship it to. If you want an idea of what you’ll be getting, check it out on http://www.Amazon.com. Until then, stay strong and give yourself a Mommy Time-Out. I’m sure you’ve got great kids and a friend or family member will be happy to watch them for a while!

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  8. Julie T. Duncan

    Good Morning Mummy, Well, darlin, you are the most remarkable writer I’ve seen for a long, long time and more importantly is the time and energy you spend sharing all this experience and passed on advice. I loved hearing about the “Happy” way to put your child to sleep. I had 4 children and used nursing as my device to soothe them to sleep and later on I read stories and asked them about their day and had them pick out a dream from their dream box. An exhausted but albeit happy Mom I nursed a total of 9 and a 1/2 years but I never regretted it one minute. My children all turned out happy, loving and healthy adults and I look forward to sharing this with my daughter and sons in the future, and use it on my own grandchildren one day. Keep up the good work. You really are a talented woman and I’m sure a fantastic Mum.

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