The “Perfect” Spray Tan

“Here ya go, just undress and put this on”, she nonchalantly said as she handed me a minuscule ziploc bag which contained what looked suspiciously like a tissue. “Um, by undress, do you mean all my clothes?”, I stammered, nervously… Continue Reading →

Insensitive Things That People Say When You Have an Invisible Condition


Six Lessons I Learned from Nelson Mandela

Today’s post is syndicated at Bonbon Break – a stunning portal to the internet’s best blogs and fast becoming a second home to me. I hope you’ll take the time to click over and read about my childhood in Apartheid… Continue Reading →

Myth of the perfect mother.

This morning, the most beautiful picture found its way on to my Facebook newsfeed. It made me smile. It grounded me. It made me proud to be privileged enough to be called “Mum”. Here it is: I was all loved… Continue Reading →

Enough Mylie!

If you were an alien visiting the Earth and found yourself in a Western country this past week, you’d have learnt the following things about the People Of Earth: ONE: Miley Cyrus is Very Important and has magic powers. With a… Continue Reading →

Is that your baggage?

I couldn’t believe I was finally here. After a whirlwind six weeks of pre-cooking meals, re-organising of karate/dancing/footy schedules and some serious yanking up of my big girl knickers, I was finally standing at the Qantas check-in counter at the… Continue Reading →

A letter to a little boy in a scary world.

In the light of the George Zimmerman trial over the death of Trayvon Martin, I can’t help but feel sick that we live in a world where race is still an issue, where religion is an issue, where sexual-orientation is… Continue Reading →

You are a shit-head.

“Daniel called me an S-WORD HEAD!” (She actually said “S-word” head because she could NOT bring herself to say, ‘shit’.) Miss M was six years old. She came running to me after school, upset because someone had used *gasp* the… Continue Reading →

Parenting. Like a Ninja.

Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you. Yes….and no. I have tried to raise my kids with good manners, compassion, respect for other people’s property, the ability to share and a sense of kindness for everyone around… Continue Reading →

The Test.

Today’s post is prompted by a writing challenge. It spoke to me. I’d love to hear about your thoughts on this challenge. You have the choice to erase one incident from your past, as though it never happened. What would… Continue Reading →

I’m Not The Favourite.

Today’s post is a MOMfession by Tracy @ Momaical Blog.  What’s the MOMfessional? It’s a place where Parenting Bloggers can come to write about something that they usually keep hidden. It’s a place where we let our skeletons out of… Continue Reading →

I met a troll.

When I was a little girl, my mother would read stories to me about nasty, evil little trolls hiding under bridges, with the sole purpose of disrupting the day of innocent passers-by and causing undue stress and misery. When I… Continue Reading →

Ten things the presidential candidates could learn from my child’s preschool teacher.

I’ve been observing the run for the American presidency with abject fascination.   It’s been quite a show, I must say – even from the opposite end of the world over here. Listening to the talking heads, watching the debates,… Continue Reading →

I’m being bullied.

There’s this girl I know. She hates me. She watches my life with avid fascination…every little thing I do. Mostly, I’m able to avoid her, but every now and again, she finds me. Yesterday, I was having one of ‘those’… Continue Reading →

Open letter to the parents of “The Bully”

Dear parents of “The Bully”, Let me start by saying, you seem like really lovely people. This makes me feel a little awkward because if I wasn’t writing this letter to you, I’d probably be trying to befriend you. How… Continue Reading →

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