Remembering Doron

Not a day has gone by in nearly fifteen years that I haven’t thought of him. Not a day has passed without him visiting my thoughts and jolting my heart. Doron delighted in being alive and in nineteen short months… Continue Reading →

What it Means to be Mummy

The first word I hear most days is “Mum”, followed by a tender “I love you” or “good morning” or “Do people eat breakfast in Heaven and who lays the eggs for their breakfast because everyone knows there are no… Continue Reading →

The Extraordinary Man


The Last Snowman {Book Review}

BUY THIS BOOK. Really. I mean it.

The Day I Became a Mother


What I Said When My Son Asked Me To Explain The Meaning Of Life.

        Today’s post is the second in my weekly column at BonBon Break Magazine called, “What I’ve Learned…” After a Boys Only shopping trip, Little Man and Darren arrived home, clearly up to something. Little Man disappeared into the study… Continue Reading →

The Naughty Spot

        Today’s post is the first in a weekly column I’ll be writing at BonBon Break Magazine called, “What I’ve Learned…” I hope you’ll enjoy this hilarious story featuring Little Man, the Terrible Threes and the infamous Naughty Spot. You will… Continue Reading →

Big announcement!

Let me start by telling you a little about my childhood. My mother was, amongst other things, a writer. I would spend hours poring over her scrapbook with clippings of all the pieces she’d written for various magazines, voraciously lapping up… Continue Reading →

The Day My Jewish Kids Met Santa Claus.

It was a regular day at the local shopping centre. Being December, the centre was decorated with tinsel and holly and all things Christmas. Carols were creating jolly white noise and the atmosphere was festive as we went about our… Continue Reading →

Six Lessons I Learned from Nelson Mandela

Today’s post is syndicated at Bonbon Break – a stunning portal to the internet’s best blogs and fast becoming a second home to me. I hope you’ll take the time to click over and read about my childhood in Apartheid… Continue Reading →

The Ugly Beautifuls

The Ugly Beautifuls On a recent family trip away to breathtakingly beautiful Kalbarri, a small coastal town on the West Australian coast, we spent a lot of time walking the seemingly endless length of the untouched beaches and collecting shells…. Continue Reading →

MOMfessional: I was a home-wrecker.

In case you’re new here, and aren’t familiar with the MOMfessional, I’ll explain. We all have secrets, don’t we? I certainly do – in fact I have so much dirty laundry, I have no choice but to air it. As bloggers,… Continue Reading →

The ugliest doll in the shop.

  (How a doll from 1984 taught me a lesson last week.) I walked along the aisle, staring intently at box after box. Peeking at me through each cellophane window was a hopeful face that quietly implored, “Me! Me! Choose… Continue Reading →

A letter to a little boy in a scary world.

In the light of the George Zimmerman trial over the death of Trayvon Martin, I can’t help but feel sick that we live in a world where race is still an issue, where religion is an issue, where sexual-orientation is… Continue Reading →

I’m leaving on a jet plane… (or seven.)

“Congratulations!  Our Voices of the Year committees have selected “You Suck!” to be honored at the 5th annual Voices of the Year Community Keynote!” This was the opening line in the email that had me shaking like a leaf for an entire day…. Continue Reading →

You are a shit-head.

“Daniel called me an S-WORD HEAD!” (She actually said “S-word” head because she could NOT bring herself to say, ‘shit’.) Miss M was six years old. She came running to me after school, upset because someone had used *gasp* the… Continue Reading →

Parenting. Like a Ninja.

Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you. Yes….and no. I have tried to raise my kids with good manners, compassion, respect for other people’s property, the ability to share and a sense of kindness for everyone around… Continue Reading →

Oh, my nuts!

Rude words and why Baby G thinks we can’t say them at school. Last week, my big kids each had a friend over to play. Baby G was feeling left out because the big girls wanted alone time sans little… Continue Reading →

I’m not Pollyanna.

Surprise! Remember me? I’ve been in a funk for the past few months weeks and didn’t much feel like writing about my baggage and bringing you all down with me. After all, I’m the happy face. I’m the positive one, the… Continue Reading →

Dora the Explorer (who is only in the forest because nobody in the city will play with her.)

Have you been reading Baking in a Tornado?  You should be (but I warn you, don’t read when hungry…) Well, Karen from Baking in a Tornado,  hosts Secret Subject Swaps and today I’m crazy excited to be taking part in Take… Continue Reading →

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