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37 Lessons From the Internet

The internet is an incredible resource for learning. Also for watching wedding flash mobs and cats falling over. These 37 lessons are what I learned from the internet this week.

Oh, the confusion!

Oh, the confusion!

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If you liked this post, please don’t be shy (comments make me do a happy dance).

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The Ugly Beautifuls

The Ugly Beautifuls

A story about looking a little deeper by They Call Me Mummy On a recent family trip away to breathtakingly beautiful Kalbarri, a small coastal town on the West Australian coast, we spent a lot of time walking the seemingly endless length of the untouched beaches and collecting shells. In the evenings, we’d lay them all out and sort through the treasures we’d found. Kids love to sort and categorise and this was especially true for Baby G. Long after the bigger kids had gone off to do what big kids do, she could be found inspecting each and every shell and carefully considering where it belonged. She had very specific piles. She explained that The Curlies were the shells that she could hold to her ear and listen to the sea. They had curly insides and that was the part that she thought was special. Eyes glinting, she proudly showed me The Pretties, named because they were pearlescent and lovely. Seriously, she held up one of the group that looked like mini volcanoes and declared that they were called, logically, The Volcanoes. Next to these were The Interestings, named so because they couldn’t be categorised but were cool and needed to be picked up and kept, nonetheless. Finally, with a solemn face, she showed me the last of her groups and, with reverence, she declared them to be The Ugly Beautifuls. I looked down at this group of shells and inwardly giggled. They really weren’t beautiful, but she sure was accurate when it came to the “Ugly” descriptor. They looked like little brains… small whitish blobs  of shell, shaped like pieces of brain. I asked her, “Baby G, why do you call these The Ugly Beautifuls?” Read the rest of this entry

MOMfessional: I was a home-wrecker.

Hanging out our dirty laundry

In case you’re new here, and aren’t familiar with the MOMfessional, I’ll explain. We all have secrets, don’t we? I certainly do – in fact I have so much dirty laundry, I have no choice but to air it. As bloggers, we hang it all out, every day and most of us have a strong network of friends and family who support us incredibly. This comes at a price – there are just some things that we don’t necessarily want to share with our nearest and dearest, plus the school mums, plus our work colleagues… you get the drift.

Out of this situation, the MOMfessional was lovingly born to proud parents, Chris from Life Your Way and I.  Without any further waffling on, welcome to the MOMfessional – a space where other parenting bloggers can let it all hang out. Some advice: Get comfortable. Today, Molley Mills from the hilarious blog, A Mother Life, is in the MOMfessional, talking about something that will (most likely) ruffle a few feathers. You see, Molley was ‘the other woman’. Read the rest of this entry

Enough Mylie!

Visit Bonbon Break today for my thoughts on this Mylie Cyrus debacle.

Visit Bonbon Break today for my thoughts on this Mylie Cyrus debacle.

If you were an alien visiting the Earth and found yourself in a Western country this past week, you’d have learnt the following things about the People Of Earth:

ONE: Miley Cyrus is Very Important and has magic powers. With a few shakes of her rear (accompanied by an unnaturally long extension of her tongue), this young earthling can make poverty, murder and impending war  d i s a p p e a r. Yep – anyone who witnessed Twerkgate was privy to the instantaneous vanishing of the murdered Syrian children, threats of WWIII and… well… anything of actual importance from world news. Poof!

TWO: Twerking is horrible and slutty. HOWEVER, women should be allowed to twerk to their hearts’ content because we own our bodies, so quit judging and back-off. ALTHOUGH, even though we shouldn’t Judge Miley (poor, poor, poor Miley, naive and expressing her rights) she really did behave like the sluttiest slutty slut from Sluttsville and Read the rest of this entry

An Open Letter To Kate Middleton

kate Dear Kate, I’m just going to call you Kate, since Jess and I are on a first name basis it seems only fair. And now you’re pregnant, we’re part of a sisterhood, really. The reason I’m writing to you is to give you some advice. Ironic, since my advice is all about unsolicited advice and how to avoid it. Ha ha, I know! Read the rest of this entry

An Open Letter to Jessica Simpson

Dear Jessica,  I heard your exciting news on the radio this morning and I want to congratulate you. Apparently, you’re expecting a massive weight gain! I was under the impression that you were expecting a baby, but that ridiculous assumption was cleared up right away by those lovely DJs. I am obviously misguided in my (warped?) impression that pregnancy was all about creating a baby and growing a family. How silly of me. Read the rest of this entry

Octomom: To judge or not to judge?

A couple of weeks ago, I posted The Story of A High Horse after reading a seriously judgmental blog post by another parenting blogger. Earlier this week, I read a piece on Mamapedia by Nadia Suleman – aka Octomom – on her parenting theories. As I expected, the comments after her piece were emotionally-driven, fiercely opinionated and far from supportive (the words hate, abuse and Hitler were bandied about liberally). In fact, the comments were so negative that Mamapedia pulled the piece. I’ll admit, at this point, that my own initial reaction to someone with her reputation giving parenting advice was not kind, not charitable and certainly not supportive.
To judge or not to judge? That is the question.

To judge or not to judge? That is the question.

Well, aren’t I a hypocrite? Read the rest of this entry

15 reasons not to let Hollywood raise your kids.

If the mainstream media was in charge of bringing up my kids, they’d learn these lessons:


1. If you’re not skinny, you’re a failure. Whenever you eat anything that isn’t a lettuce leaf, you must feel guilty. You might want to consider visiting a pro-ana site for some thinspiration. In fact, even if you’re a multiple gold-medal winning Olympian, you’re going to be judged on your weight alone, so you’d better get used to being permanently starving or permanently hating yourself. Alternatively, you can become a comedienne.

Read the rest of this entry

I was invited to be on Wife Swap.

Because letting a psycho into your home and giving her access to your children is the best idea ever.

Have you ever watched Wife Swap? The basic premise is that two radically different families swap wives for two weeks. The wives don’t know where they are going and the families left behind don’t know know what kind of wife/mother they are getting. What usually happens is this: Wives are interviewed pre-move and tell us how they are going to bring their brilliant ways to the new family and teach them how to live like their family lives. These wives each believe she is perfect and that she is performing an act of generosity and kindness by leading the new family down her ‘enlightened’ path. At this point, I am already addicted. Why? Because, courtesy of some legendary and not-biased-at-all editing, we have had a little glimpse into her horrific perfect life and stressed-out well-balanced family. Time to settle in for the carnage that will be presented to me over the next half hour. Read the rest of this entry
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