Dr Drew Agrees, Fifty Shades Of Grey is Abuse

What's your opinion?

47 Opinions on 50 Shades Of Grey

Last week, I posted a Letter to My Children About Fifty Shades of Grey. Within hours it went viral – I’m talking millions of views and comments and shares – and BOY did people have strong views. Yesterday, I was contacted by a CNN Headline News producer and asked to appear, via Skype call, on… Read More

The Masturbation Conversation

The masturbation discussion came sooner than I expected. A hilarious story at They Call Me Mummy

Masturbation. This word strikes fear in the heart of most parents. It’s the kryptonite of the parenting fraternity. When most parents look at their children, the last thing they want to think about is that they – gulp – masturbate. Because there seem to be such taboos connected with this topic, many parents are unaware… Read More

Enough Mylie!

Miley Cyrus Wrecking Ball

If you were an alien visiting the Earth and found yourself in a Western country this past week, you’d have learnt the following things about the People Of Earth: ONE: Miley Cyrus is Very Important and has magic powers. With a few shakes of her rear (accompanied by an unnaturally long extension of her tongue), this… Read More


The funny things my kids say... #kidversations #carversations

Living with my kids is like house-sharing with a comedy trio. The conversations in my house make me routinely shoot coffee out of my nose. I’m pretty sure their comic dialogue is some kind of evolutionary survival instinct thing…it certainly saves our sanity on those “Mama is losing her mind” days. (Let’s be honest –… Read More