Do you have a secret, some dirty laundry, a skeleton or two in your closet?

Chris Dean of Life Your Way and I do and it’s time to speak out.

Welcome to the MOMfessional – a space where other parenting bloggers can let it all hang out.

Each month a blogger will post a piece on his or her blog under the title of MOMfessional, it might be dark and heavy, it may be uproariously funny. It just needs to be something that people don’t talk about or easily ‘fess up to. We’ll link up to it here, so you’ll be able to find each month’s piece right here. Easy peasy.

Are you a blogger who wants to take part?

Email me  your post or contact me through Facebook with any questions. All you need to do when you post your own MOMfessional on your blog is grab the banner above and link it to and we will make sure your post is listed here. If you want to be anonymous, I will happily post it here for you.

Maybe you know a blogger you’d like to suggest? Send ‘em my way!

Get comfortable! Here is our growing list of MOMfessions:

Soggy Mornings

by Chris Dean of Life Your Way

Hair Today. Gone Tomorrow.

by Michelle Lewsen of They Call Me Mummy

A mom confesses.

by Brenda Moguez of Passionate Pursuits

The Step-monster lives…

by Molly Mills of A Mother Life

Stupid Mommy

byElizabeth Pagel-Hogan of Try It And You May

The Bankruptcy of Babyhood or How I had a baby and lost my mojo.

by Kirsty Sayer of Momedy Sketch.

I do not enjoy playing with my children

by Stephanie Sprenger of Mommy, for real.

I’m Not The Favourite.

by Tracy @ Momaical Blog


My Story

by Di Kendall of Di Doodles About Stuff

I was a Home Wrecker

by Molley Mills of A Mother Life

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