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Cake FAIL: Hey, YOU try paint a fairy ballerina princess in ICING.

Baby G is turning 4 on Monday and having a Fairy Princess High Tea tomorrow for 8 little like-minded friends. It should be an explosion of pink and I will take photos which will be adorable and delicious and cute. I will share on Monday and we will all ooh and aah and maybe shed a tear or two. Tonight is another story. Tonight, I made her birthday cake. I need to add here, that I make legendary cakes. It’s one of the parts of being a mother that I really do well. I bask in the warm glow of the compliments on my cake icing skills three times a year and might I say, I deserve the props. I can paint, just so you know. I have street cred in this department. I may even post previous cake pics as proof (if I can dig them up). So when, this year, Baby G requested a Fairy-Princess-Ballerina Cake, I didn’t bat an eyelash. Easy. I mean, how hard is it to paint a Fairy-Princess-Ballerina in icing? Let me tell you. H.A.R.D. Ladies and Gents, for your vicarious entrainment and laughter at my expense, I present to you the delightful cake I made for my four year old daughter: Read the rest of this entry

FAIL is not a four letter word.

I had an interesting chat with my children this morning. It’s the school holidays and I decided to take them out for a cafe breakfast and catch up over hot chocolate. I asked them what the the best and worst parts of  school have been. Both told me that the worst part is when they get things wrong. Both feel anxious at the prospect of not ‘getting it right’ and it got me thinking. My generation of parents is so praise-driven – often to the point of absurdity. We are so afraid of the dreaded “low self-esteem” that we have become a generation of parents who praise mediocrity. They try to catch a ball, but miss and we shout “Great job!” The thing is, it wasn’t a great job. Sure, it was a good try, but great? Nope. Our kids get certificates for participation, they get medals for giving it a go. All lovely ideas, in theory, but in my mind, a sure-fire way to ensure our kids will never achieve their potential. If we tell them they are brilliant when they are average, will they ever aspire to true greatness? Will they even know they have it in them. Read the rest of this entry

Sometimes, being Mummy ain’t all that.

When I was a little girl, all I ever wanted was to be a mum. Not a pilot, a scientist, a doctor. Not a farmer, a dancer, a teacher. A mum. Yes, I studied and built an extremely successful career as a Copywriter and yes, I loved it. I’d be lying, however, if I told you I was devastated to drop it all and become a stay-at-home mum when Little Miss was born. Fast forward 9 years. Now I am mum to Little Miss (9), Little Man (7) and Baby G (3). I am still a stay-at-home mum, while running my (tiny) one-man business on the side. Here’s the thing: this stay-at-home mum thing is killing me. There, I said it. What’s more, I suck at it. Read the rest of this entry
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