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Why I let my kids fight.


Michelle Lewsen Why I Let My Kids Fight

Look on the wall of any kindergarten classroom and you’ll find a list of rules like this:

Classroom rules by

From the minute they enter the school system, our kids are taught how to be good, play fair, be nice. It’s wonderful and delightful and, well, unrealistic. I was the mother who mirrored those rules at home. I made damned sure my children said please and thank-you. I always facilitated sharing and turn-taking. We spoke about weapon-words and how to ask for things nicely and how snatching toys was bad. When my  children started to fight with one another, I always jumped right in and mediated so they could learn that it’s not necessary to be mean. We did a lot of role-playing. How very naive. Not to mention short-sighted. “Why?”, you ask. Read the rest of this entry
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