MOMfessional: I was a home-wrecker.

In case you’re new here, and aren’t familiar with the MOMfessional, I’ll explain. We all have secrets, don’t we? I certainly do – in fact I have so much dirty laundry, I have no choice but to air it. As bloggers,… Continue Reading →

Oh, my nuts!

Rude words and why Baby G thinks we can’t say them at school. Last week, my big kids each had a friend over to play. Baby G was feeling left out because the big girls wanted alone time sans little… Continue Reading →

I don’t donate blood. I donate memories.

Every fortnight, I donate blood plasma. I’ve been doing it for approximately two years now and I’d like to tell you why. When I sit in that chair, with a needle in my arm, I’m not donating just blood. I’m… Continue Reading →

The best love letter I’ve ever received.

My kids love to laugh. They will go to extraordinary lengths to find things to laugh about and to get a laugh out of hubby and I. So, when I hear giggling behind closed doors, I know they’re up to… Continue Reading →

I was invited to be on Wife Swap.

Have you ever watched Wife Swap? The basic premise is that two radically different families swap wives for two weeks. The wives don’t know where they are going and the families left behind don’t know know what kind of wife/mother… Continue Reading →

What to expect when you’re expecting a teenager.

I have an amazing friend, Marianne. She is a mother of two, a cycling fanatic, a Zen Do Kai Black Belt and at the tender age of 50, she is flying through a degree in Exercise and Sport Science. Her… Continue Reading →

You suck!

“You suck!” Are you aware that you tell your kids this all the time? I did once. I would tell them, “You’re fat, unattractive, unloveable. You are not good enough. I wish you looked like that prettier person over there.”… Continue Reading →

10 Ways to Rock at Motherhood.

Dear Mom,I realise more and more that I am the Mum I am because of the mother you were. Here are some of the valuable lessons you’ve taught me along the way.From the time I was born, magic existed in… Continue Reading →

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