Kissing Hands

A Solution to Separation Anxiety


Baby G has had a hard time saying goodbye in the mornings (here’s the full Diva recount).  Little Miss Independent has turned into a  cling-on of grand proportions and I’ve accepted that we’ve entered the OMG-I-need-to-get-back-into-that-womb-NOW phase. After a few mornings of tears and trauma, her beautiful teacher sent the classroom copy of The Kissing Hand,… Read More

The Not Very Nice Day.


After waking up from a horrible nightmare and simultaneously realising I had overslept, I woke up my three sleeping children (because they only wake up at Sparrow’s Fart on weekends, of course) and BEGGED them to PLEASE get ready as quickly as possible so we wouldn’t be late for school. Miss M dawdled and danced… Read More


The funny things my kids say... #kidversations #carversations

Living with my kids is like house-sharing with a comedy trio. The conversations in my house make me routinely shoot coffee out of my nose. I’m pretty sure their comic dialogue is some kind of evolutionary survival instinct thing…it certainly saves our sanity on those “Mama is losing her mind” days. (Let’s be honest –… Read More

An Open Letter to Jessica Simpson

Dear Jessica,  I heard your exciting news on the radio this morning and I want to congratulate you. Apparently, you’re expecting a massive weight gain! I was under the impression that you were expecting a baby, but that ridiculous assumption was cleared up right away by those lovely DJs. I am obviously misguided in my… Read More

I’m Not The Favourite.

Moms reveal their darkest secrets

Today’s post is a MOMfession by Tracy @ Momaical Blog.  What’s the MOMfessional? It’s a place where Parenting Bloggers can come to write about something that they usually keep hidden. It’s a place where we let our skeletons out of the closet and let ’em dance! Welcome to the MOMfessional – a space where other parenting… Read More

Our Dirty Weekend.

"We're muddy and we know it! N.D.E!"  Our team "Near Death Experience" had this as our chant - always followed by a call to "FORWARD ROLL!!!!" which we did...on rocks, in mud, in hay, through puddles...

My mother gave me a piece of brilliant advice when I was expecting my first child. She likened me to a jug and explained that from that jug, I’d be expected to pour love, nurturing, teaching and compassion into the little vessel that would be my child. She used this analogy to illustrate that if… Read More

I’m being bullied.

There’s this girl I know. She hates me. She watches my life with avid fascination…every little thing I do. Mostly, I’m able to avoid her, but every now and again, she finds me. Yesterday, I was having one of ‘those’ days. You know the kind – when life seems too much and nothing goes according… Read More

You suck!

(and other things you don’t realise you’re telling your child.)


“You suck!” Are you aware that you tell your kids this all the time? I did once. I would tell them, “You’re fat, unattractive, unloveable. You are not good enough. I wish you looked like that prettier person over there.” Shocked? I’ll bet that you do the same. Every day. And you don’t even know… Read More