An Open Letter to Jessica Simpson

Dear Jessica,  I heard your exciting news on the radio this morning and I want to congratulate you. Apparently, you’re expecting a massive weight gain! I was under the impression that you were expecting a baby, but that ridiculous assumption… Continue Reading →

Funfairs are not always fun. Or fair.

Little Man was always a cautious child. He didn’t start walking until 17 months – and then he did it perfectly. It was as if he practiced at night in his cot when nobody was looking and didn’t reveal his… Continue Reading →

I don’t love all my children the same.

I have  a confession. When I was expecting Little Man, I suffered terrible, unspeakable guilt. You see, I knew that there was no way I could possibly love this new baby as much as I loved Miss M.  Miss M… Continue Reading →

Baking a batch of memories

If you knew today was the last day of your life, would you still do what you’re going to do? This is a question that was posed to me today and it really got me thinking. I so often get… Continue Reading →

The Sting Of The Spelling Bee

This evening Miss M competed in the Year Four Spelling Bee at school. She has been studying a word list that, quite frankly, would make most adults tremble and ask for Mummy. Miss M worked her little butt off and… Continue Reading →


If you were asked what the most important thing you could give your child is, what would your answer be? I asked a few mums I know this very question and the answer was unanimous: love.  My knee-jerk answer was… Continue Reading →

A Princess, Pull-Ups and Puddles.

You know when you make a really stupid parenting decision, and then (for reasons of parental consistency) decide to stick with it? And you know sticking with it is irrational and a mistake but you do it anyway? And then… Continue Reading →

Octomom: To judge or not to judge?

A couple of weeks ago, I posted The Story of A High Horse after reading a seriously judgmental blog post by another parenting blogger. Earlier this week, I read a piece on Mamapedia by Nadia Suleman – aka Octomom –… Continue Reading →

The Guilt Sandwich.

Miss M is in Year 4. Add Kindy and Pre-School to the mix and she’s been a school-going kid for 6 years. This means that I have been a school lunch making mama for six years. For most mums, this… Continue Reading →

C is for Cheating.

Today’s announcement that Samsung has been ordered to pay Apple upwards of a billion dollars (I can’t help but picture Dr Evil from Austen Powers, but I digress) has got me thinking. How do we make sure our children grow… Continue Reading →

I don’t donate blood. I donate memories.

Every fortnight, I donate blood plasma. I’ve been doing it for approximately two years now and I’d like to tell you why. When I sit in that chair, with a needle in my arm, I’m not donating just blood. I’m… Continue Reading →

The Story of a High Horse.

Last week a blogger, Issa Waters, posted No Excuses: Parenting Isn’t Hard on BlogHer. I love the premise of her piece, but her judgemental stance was pretty confronting and she used some strong language that got a few people pretty… Continue Reading →

Thanks for the poo.

Last week, when I dropped my children off at school, one of the mothers walked up to me and put a rotten egg in my pocket. Just like that. I didn’t like the way it smelled, but I quickly zipped up… Continue Reading →

Am I a slave to my children?

Last night, after I made my 3 children frothy hot chocolates, my seven year old son approached me. He said, “Mum, you say all the time that you aren’t our servant, but you kind of are.” Mmmm, interesting. I asked… Continue Reading →

I’m being bullied.

There’s this girl I know. She hates me. She watches my life with avid fascination…every little thing I do. Mostly, I’m able to avoid her, but every now and again, she finds me. Yesterday, I was having one of ‘those’… Continue Reading →

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