Sibling rivalry

America’s Got Talent. Me? Not so much.

A few nights ago, I watched America’s got Talent with the kids. There was an act, where a young guy balanced a series of cylinders one on top of the other and then climbed on top and balanced himself. We… Continue Reading →

The Crips vs The Bloods (Sibling Warfare Ain’t Pretty)

There is this feature that comes fitted in every family car. It’s on the back seat and only children can see it. It divides the back seat and comes with strict rules that must be adhered to at all times…. Continue Reading →

Why I let my kids fight.

        Look on the wall of any kindergarten classroom and you’ll find a list of rules like this: From the minute they enter the school system, our kids are taught how to be good, play fair, be nice. It’s wonderful… Continue Reading →

The Great Beach-after-school Debacle

  Today I decided in a crazy ‘carpe diem’ moment that I was going to surprise the kids after school by declaring war on homework, chores and responsibility and taking them to the beach to play and swim and make… Continue Reading →

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